Wright County Search and Rescue Practices Ice Rescue

Wright County Search and Rescue team members met on Saturday, Jan. 18, at Lake Cornelia to practice an ice rescue mission. The ice at the lake was about 18 inches thick. The weather was very cooperative for most of the training. The team cut a large section out of the frozen lake and practiced rescue techniques. They typically practice the ice rescue during Winterfest; but the cancellation of Winterfest, the group met early to get their annual practice in. They train on self-rescue techniques with wooden staffs and ice picks as well as assisted rescue with throw bags, boat rescue and rope with rescuer. The team also refreshes on how to distribute weight on thin ice how to sound the ice to test thickness and hypothermia risks. Those present that day were team members Rod Heiden, Gene Rosenbaum, Bill Heiden, Brian Marker, Howie Anderson, Steve Krueger, Travis Gilliland, Leland Williams, ElMarie Nel, and Kenny King as well as (non-members) Jeremy Hogreve from the Sheriff Department, Jenn Littlejohn (Clarion EMS), and Leo (foreign exchange student staying with Littlejohns).(Photos courtesy of Elmarie Nel)