Wright County Farm Bureau and ISU Extension teach kids how to be safe

Kenny practices compressions on a CPR doll with the assitance of a Wright County Public Health volunteer. Photo by Kim Demory

There’s no doubt that parents give their children the same safety advice - look both ways before crossing the street; don’t run with scissors; don’t talk while you’re eating; wear your life jacket; don’t play with matches...but do they know what to do in case an accident does happen?  Parents would most likely also agree that sometimes children just listen better to the cautions of other people - like teachers, doctors, and other professionals like the people of Wright County Farm Bureau and the Wright County ISU Extension office, which is precisely why they have been holding a Safety Day for third graders for a decade now.
Wright County Farm Bureau and Wright County ISU Extension hosted their 10th annual event at Greenwood Park (Wright County Fairgrounds) in Eagle Grove on Thursday, Sept. 14.  Nearly 200 students from Eagle Grove, Clarion-Goldfield-Dows, and Belmond spent the day learning  about farm safety, chemical safety, first aid, weather alerts, water safety, EMS, fire safety, making 9-1-1 calls, and the dangers of electricity.  The kids were split into eight different sections according to their class and school.  From there, they traveled throughout the day to each of the stations, spending approximately 20 minutes learning, listening, and doing safety experiments.

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