Wright County Board of Supervisors hears funding requests

The Dec. 16 regular morning meeting of the Wright County Board of Supervisors was an eventful one as organizations lined up to address the Supervisors with their funding requests as the old year dwindles, as well as breaking news for all those with a sweet tooth – the Wright County Public Health bake sale is cancelled!

                The sale, slated to run on the Thursday, Dec. 19, was fraught with the demands of bureaucracy – requiring receipts for ingredients and such, which sucked both the fun as well as the purpose out of the event. Sadly, it is now not to be.

                After the customary call to meeting, the Supervisors recognized Dwight Reiland for his 35 years of dedicated service to the county in the Recorder’s Office. Said Board President Stan Watne, “It’s amazing that it took 35 years to get a perfect set of Supervisors” as all in attendance erupted in laughter and photos were taken.

                Betty Ellis doffed her Board of Supervisors Secretary hat and donned her Wright County Recorder’s chapeau as she outlined the county’s need for joining the digital age regarding the county’s Property Transfer books; informing those assembled that the original books, microfilmed in 1984 – and dating back from the 1800’s to that date - were not only in need of all being digitally recorded, but that none of the books had been backed up since.

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