Wright becomes first in Iowa with a county-wide EMS service

During a public hearing this past Monday at the Board of Supervisors meeting, and prior to approval of several agenda items related to the new Ag-Business Park just south of the Prestage Plant, a nearby resident spoke about her strong opposition to this action.

Veronica Guyader has major concerns about the proposed park development, among them the increased water usage. “The more things being added there for Prestage the more we take away from the greenbelt,” said Guyader. “Certainly not a truck stop in that area.” Supervisor Karl Helgevold then responded. “We have no plans for a truck stop at this point,” said Helgevold (the first tenant planning to build there will be Ennis Corporation, which is a trucking company that also plans on having a truck wash & shop area on the property). “It (the Park) will be planned in a professional manner and will be a nice area.”

Guyader went on to cite the fact that there’s already numerous hog confinement sites within a few square miles around her in that immediate area, along with three companies having gravel pits. “There’s a lot of truck traffic and noise,” she said. “I’m not happy with it, and a lot of my neighbors as well.” The hearing was then closed. Following that, the Board approved the plans, specs, form or contract and final plat for the Park. According to Helgevold, each or any of the eight-acre lots can be divided off if need be.

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