Tricia Rosendahl on Managing the Wright County Fair

When you think of the Wright County Fair, chances are you think about the animals, the 4-H projects and talents, the food, the lemonade, and probably Tricia Rosendahl.  Although she was never in 4-H or FFA herself as a youth, she fell in love with the Wright County Fair at an early age, and now, she is proud to be serving as the fair manager.

Rosendahl was born and raised in Eagle Grove, and it was her friends that helped her find her true passion for the fair. “I remember hanging out with friends in the hog barn and helping any way I could.  All the chores at the fair were fun for me.  I liked helping out,” said Rosendahl.

She went on to joke “how naïve” she was to think it would only be a summer job.  The board meets monthly; there are reports to the State; an annual meeting to prepare for State Convention; entertainment to find; contracts to secure; fair books to make and get printed; 4-H activities to be involved in; and the list goes on.  That means Rosendahl spends many nights and weekends at the office all year long.  As the fair gets closer, the hours get longer.  During the fair, she can usually be found on the fairground by 6 a.m., and doesn’t go home again until after midnight.  But no matter how much work there is to be done, Rosendahl always enjoys what she is doing.


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