Talking ghosts with the Wright County Paranormal Society

Wright County Paranormal Society’s  mother-daughter team of Susan Haines  (left) and Mistee Biese (right).

The Halloween season is upon us, as you can tell from all the jack o’ lanterns, plastic skeletons, and felt witches that have popped up around the county. The Halloween festival marks the end of harvest, a transitional period between the “life” of spring and the “death” of winter. Many cultures have seen this as a time for remembering the dead, or a time where spirits and fairies have added power in our world. 

                You might not believe in ghosts or spirits, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of people do. According to Mistee Biese, founder of the Wright County Paranormal Society, they get three to four calls a week asking for help with paranormal occurrences, and they regularly have to turn down applications to join the group.

                “You’d be surprised how many residents and business owners call us. We get calls from Sioux City, Rockwell City, Webster City. We get calls from all over,” Biese said.

                “I think more people believe in it than you think,” said Susan Haines, Mistee’s mother and fellow paranormal investigator.

                Biese and Haines say that they’ve been connected to paranormal since Biese was a child.  Haines says that scratches used to appear up Beise’s arms from out of nowhere. They recounted one time when Biese spoke in tongues while asleep as a child. In one house Beise lived in, she ran into the apparition of a little girl, smelled unusual odors, and felt strange electrical tingles through their bodies. She ended up leaving the house and abandoning a garage full of their belongings, sensing that that the spirit was angry at them.  Later, they found out that a little girl had been murdered in that house sometime in the 40’s. Even now, Beise says that her current home has several spirits residing there, including the mischievous “General Ray.”

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