Supervisors make some fund transfers as current fiscal year ends

The Wright County Board of Supervisors passed a series of resolutions at this past Monday’s meeting to move some money around, or close some funds altogether, as the current fiscal year draws to a close.

The first item dealt with a transfer of $70,000 from General Basic to Capital Projects, which will pay for the upcoming roof repairs on the courthouse. Another resolution transfers $151,989 from General Basic, and $1.881,494 from Rural Basic, to Secondary Roads. A resolution for closing two inactive funds was next, with $764.59 as a remaining balance in the State Revolving Fund going to General Basic to close that account along with transferring $12,984.84 from the Communications/Radio Tower fund to the E911 fund to close that out as the tower and related equipment for the comm center has been completed. Finally, a resolution approved the appropriations to all departments for the 2019-20 fiscal year. “This is what they’re budgeted for and the maximum they can spend,” stated Auditor Betty Ellis prior to approval.

Jan Libby and Marie Boyd with Healthy Harvest of North Iowa joined by a video call in presenting their annual update. Libby introduced Boyd as the new Executive Director, as she is stepping down from the position. Healthy Harvest is a 501c3 organization with a presence in nine counties in north central Iowa, and believes that locally grown food is a key ingredient to healthy people & productive communities. They first formed in 2011, with Libby being involved in local food promotion efforts since 1997.

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