Supervisors approve a slight change in fitness policy

Peg Schluttenhofer and Jen Sheehan of the Wellness Committee appeared at the Wright County Board of Supervisors meeting to present the membership policy for county employees who wish to take advantage of a fitness center membership.

According to Sheehan, the County will now pay $10 per month for any fitness center within the county and of the employee’s choice. The discount will be renewed annually by the employee during open enrollment each year prior to the July 1 start of a new fiscal year. The employee portion owned to the center will be deducted from payroll the second pay period of each month, and will cease upon termination of employment whether by the individual or by the County.

“We wanted to put something a little more concrete in place for this,” said Sheehan. “This will make a uniform rate across the board. Every employee will pay the same, and the County will pay the $10 per month no matter where they go within the county.”

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