Submitted for your approval

Last week, I was out at Goldfield’s river park, taking pictures of the dam for a story we ran last week. I was there with Goldfield resident and compulsive jokester Joe Skinner. As we were looking out over the water, Joe drew my attention to the wooden sculpture of a duck that’s been sitting on the banks of the Mighty Boone for a couple of years now.


Some kids (I’m assuming) had recently taken it upon themselves to crudely spray paint a pair of breasts on the duck. Joe said something disapproving. Me, on the other hand, I just smiled. I’m 24, so I’m barely out of my “spray painting breasts on ducks” phase. I understand it, even if I don’t approve of it. I think it’s demonstrative of a fundamental, perhaps even noble, human trait: the desire to leave your mark.


Since the dawn of time, man has sought to leave a legacy for himself. We want to be remembered. We want to leave something lasting. Something that might survive us. 


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