State of Emergency Declared in Wright County

Wright County Secondary Roads crews and the Wright County Sheriff’s Office assisted with the evacuation of residents on Taylor Ave south of Belmond.

The Wright County Board of Supervisors on June 19 declared a State of Emergency in Wright County due to the damage from significant rainfall, severe thunderstorms, and flash flooding during the past week.

The storms so far this week have caused damaged to public and private property and endangerment of health and safety of the residents of Wright County.

The State of Emergency as authorized under Iowa State Statute allows for the expenditure of emergency funds from all available sources, the invoking of mutual aid agreements and the applying to the State of Iowa for resources and assistance as needed.

The Board of Supervisors met this morning with the County Engineer, County Sheriff and Emergency Management Coordinator to discuss the situation in Wright County.

Several miles of rural roads in Wright County are under water and the Secondary Roads Department continues to barricade and flag these locations as necessary.

Sheriff Jason Schluttenhofer reminds residents that the barricades are placed on the roadway for the safety of the public and anyone moving barricades from a roadway could face criminal charges.

The public is also reminded to not drive or walk through any standing water and it is also recommended to avoid boating or tubing on any of the local rivers.

Residents are reminded to report significant damages caused by flooding or severe storms to their local City Halls. Rural residents can report damage to the Wright County Communications Center at 515-532-2610.

The above was received directly from the Wright County Sheriff’s office.