In the spirit of giving….


            During these family-filled months toward the end of every year, when busy lives converge at a frenetic pace like leaves driven before a gusty wind, sometimes it’s necessary to take a few quiet moments and reflect upon those whose sacrifice has allowed us the luxury of small exasperations over burnt pie crust and late-arriving relations – our armed service members come to mind.

            These mostly young people, far away from home and hearth are always in our thoughts, but rarely do we get the opportunity to thank them in a tangible manner; now you can. If the opportunity arises before Tuesday, Dec. 3, stop by the entrance nearest the emergency room at Iowa Specialty Hospital’s Clarion or Belmond campuses, and find the table with al of the pretty Christmas cards covering it. Now is your chance to say “Thanks” to those far from home and serving our country this Holiday Season.

            Grown from a seed planted on a Facebook post, Vicki McClintock asked her office-mates if this was something that they wanted to do for our troops this year and they were enthusiastic, so she broached the hospital’s committee, and asked them if this was something the Business Office could sponsor. They were as enthusiastic as everyone else, so now, the hallway nearest the ER doors in Clarion now hosts a table covered in Christmas cards, pens and envelopes just waiting for someone to write a few kind lines and send them on to a service member far from home this festive season.

            Not only is the clearinghouse address in Maryland posted for mailing your uplifting missives, there is also a list of local sons and daughters who are abroad and unable to be with their loved one’s this year. Said McClintock, “We’ve gotten a really good response, it’ll be fun for these kids to get cards – especially from their hometowns, were just a small-town group of people looking out for each other.”

            So help make this a Merry Christmas for those who are giving so much and have made it possible for all of us to wish each other a joyous Holiday Season by spreading the warmth of thankfulness and the spirit of giving to those who have guard our freedoms.