SKYPE your Supervisors


            The Wright County Board of Supervisors met in usual session on Monday, Dec. 2, to handle the County’s drainage issues. Although there was not much to attend to this week, besides approving the offer of employment to fill a vacancy in Eagle Grove pending pre-employment screening and verification of CDL, the new SKYPE connection to view and participate in the Supervisors meetings is now up and running.

            Simply go to and create a SKYPE account; search out Wright County Supervisors, click on ‘video call’ and you’re there, watching the meeting almost as if you were there.

            The Supervisors tabled the proposed annexation petition until next week’s meeting on Monday, Dec. 9, at 9 a.m., and approved the TIP (Tax Increment Financial) report, ending the meeting with updates on their activities from the preceding week as well as upcoming business.