Sirens and smoke: county jail holds first fire drill

Members of the jail staff role played during the drill as well.

At 5 p.m., on Tuesday, Oct, 15, the Wright County Jail was so full of smoke that you couldn’t see two feet in front of your face, turning its linear corridors into a maze. Jail staff led ten people in orange uniforms with zip-ties around their wrists to a safe area outside, as police and ambulance staff amassed in the parking lot. It was Wright County Jail’s first ever full-scale fire drill, and it gave the jail, the fire department, the police department, the sheriff’s office, and the EMS service a chance to test their ability to work together.

                “The point of the exercise was basically for the jail and the fire department, to practice with them,” said sheriff’s deputy and EMS coordinator Jim Lester. “But when we do a full-scale exercise, we try to involve all the different disciplines: EMS, law enforcement, and fire.”

                The general consensus is that the drill went well, and that all the agencies involved worked very well together. 

Read the full article in the Oct. 24 edition of the WCM.