Sheriff urges everyone to drive safely this harvest

Sheriff Jason Schluttenhofer wants Wright County motorists to take extra caution on our roadways during harvest season.

                “As it gets busy with the farming going on, we’re going to be encountering some slow-moving vehicles out there,” Schluttenhofer said. “Leave a little early, and expect some delays. Maybe leave for work ten or fifteen minutes earlier. Pay attention on the blacktops and gravel roads. We don’t want any wrecks out there.“

                Statewide, there have been 79 crashes with farm equipment in 2013, causing five fatalities.  Most collisions occur when drivers rear-end farm equipment, or when passing motorists are struck by farm equipment making wide left turns. Traffic accidents with farm equipment are about five times more likely to cause fatalities than other types of accident.

                Drivers should make sure to have their full attention on the road, and should watch out for slow-moving vehicles or vehicles with strange outlines. Farmers should make sure that their slow-moving vehicle emblems are well-maintained and recognizable. They should also make sure that their lights and reflectors are property maintained. Drivers and farmers should make sure to clearly signal their intentions when turning or passing.