Rick Rasmussen elected chair of Board of Supervisors for 2014

Rick Rasmussen and Stan Watne
The Wright County Board of Supervisors held their organizational meeting for 2014 on Thursday, Jan. 2. The meeting was called to order by outgoing chair Stan Watne, who then called for nominations for chairman and chairman pro-tem. A nomination was made, and seconded, to elect
Rick Rasmussen chairman for 2014 with Watne then serving in the protem position. Both were approved. “We wish to thank Stan for his year of service as chairman, and truly appreciate the work he did for Wright County,” said Rasmussen.
The three members then went about the various matters necessary to begin another new year. A motion to leave the county mileage rate at 48 cents was approved. Treasurer Peggy Schluttenhofer presented the drainage warrant interest document for 2014. The Board approved leaving the rate at the current six percent, as per the recommendation of Schluttenhofer.
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