Red, white, blue, and black leather

Gary Robb

America is about freedom, be it freedom of expression or the freedom of the open road. Clarion resident and Vietnam veteran Gary Robb says that there are few things that compare to the freedom he feels while cruising Iowa highways on his Harley. As a member of the American Legion Riders and the Patriot Guard, Robb has found a way to use his love of motorcycling to support Iowa communities, veterans, and their families.  

                Robb says it’s impossible to describe the feeling of riding on his Harley-Davidson. It’s a mixture of positive feelings combining together to create something more than the sum of its parts. Robb says that if you’ve never ridden a Harley, you’ll never understand.

                “Why do kids like to go to the fair and ride rides? Why do hotrodders like to hotrod their cars?  Why do people parachute? There’s just something that can’t be explained about it,” Robb said.

                Robb’s love of motorcycles led to an interest in the American Legion Riders (ALR), an offshoot of the American Legion made up of motorcycle enthusiasts. The ALR promotes patriotism and honor, contributes to charity, and participates in parades and other displays across the nation. To be a member of the ALR, the only requirements are that you are a legionnaire and that you have a bike with a 350 cc engine or lager. There are currently 106,000 riders in the ALR today. The ALR raises millions of dollars annually for various charitable causes and organizations. 

Read the full article in the Nov. 14 edition of the WCM.