Recent city survey reveals areas of public concern in Clarion

The city of Clarion is working towards some big goals for the future, and they have been looking for the public’s help to decide what those goals should be. One of the ways they recently set out to prioritize their goals was by offering an online survey that was available throughout the end of 2018.

            The results of that survey were shared at the January 2nd city council meeting by city administrator Jordan Cook. He explained that purpose of the survey was “to help us prioritize our goals and gather feedback.” This article will highlight a few of the prominent trends and concerns that the survey revealed.

            The survey was completed by 115 people. It was organized into 5 topics that the city will be focusing on in the upcoming year: housing, public works, economic development, quality of life, and pubic safety. The first question asked survey-takers to rank those 5 areas as to which needs the most attention. The two that came out on top were housing and economic development as the ones that needed the most attention, with pubic safety as being the least in need of attention.


For the full story, see the January 17th edition of the Monitor