Reaching out to all movie-goers- Clarion movie theatre to show one movie a month in Spanish

            Who doesn’t love going to the movies? Most of us like to take in the occasional flick, so we are fortunate that Clarion is one of those increasingly rare small towns that actually has a movie theatre. And soon, the Clarion Theatre hopes to be even more relevant to the community by reaching out an under-served but large population- Spanish-speakers.

            Starting this month, the Clarion Movie Theatre plans to offer one movie per month that is dubbed in Spanish. This means that the characters or actors in the movie will be speaking Spanish. There will not be subtitles. President of the theatre’s Board of Directors, Shannon Walker, says the plan is to offer a Saturday matinee in Spanish once a month and see how it goes.

For the full article, see the March 14th issue of the Monitor.