Pilates + Boxing: “Piloxing” takes off locally

Wright Countonians do some piloxing

Something that’s fun and good for you?  That’s right.  It really does exist, and the 69 women who come from Clarion, Goldfield, Eagle Grove, and Humboldt, taking Piloxing Fusion with Lisa Russell can attest to it.

While many admit, it really is a “love/hate” relationship, the love of the benefits of the workout far outweigh the momentary hate of the challenging workout.  Piloxing Fusion is a mix of kickboxing, pilates, high intensity interval training, circuit training, tabata, crossfit, and plyometrics.  More simply said, it’s a cardiovascular and strengthening workout set to a motivating, fun, high-energy music that leaves you challenged, yet wanting more to improve yourself.

The six-week sessions at the Goldfield Elementary gym are open to beginners as well as Piloxing Fusion pros alike.  But as first-timer Angie Anderson said, it’s a fit for everyone.  “It’s fun…and you can go at your own pace.  Lisa encourages you to modify (your workout) to fit your skills.”

“Even if you march in place…never feel intimidated and never say ‘I can’t,’” said Russell.

Betty Jo Willard lightheartedly joked “This is not fun. It’s torture.  But in a good way.”

 “At the start of each class I give a motivational talk and I really feel that it gets the ladies in a state of mind to work out and maybe even turns their day around, lights a fire within them about issue in life,  makes them stronger, and makes them think outside the box,” said Russell.

For example, she started Monday’s class off by showing the ladies pictures of women on the cover of magazines.  She reminded them that these women are not really this perfect.  There is Photoshop and a thing called air-brushing.

Then it was time for the burn.  Time to challenge themselves.  And time to prove to themselves what they could accomplish.  When the music came on, the sweat began, and so did their motivation to do something good for themselves.

Read the complete story in the March 20 issues of the Wright County Monitor and the Eagle Grove Eagle!