Opposition to Dows Building Sale Presented to CGD Board

Logan Holmes presented a carefully-considered statement of concern to the Clarion-Goldfield-Dows Transition Board, urging them to consider suspending sale of the Dows School Building for two years. The building held its last day of classes June 4. Holmes, a 2008 CG gradate and current resident of Dows, is a Clarion-Goldfield-Dows Middle School Special Education teacher and high school assistant coach for girls track and boys basketball.

At the same meeting, Dr. Robert Olson presented an agreement by Alex Mortenson, Pioneer dealer, to purchase the building, indicating that the City of Dows had expressed interested in maintaining the former school’s football field and playground.

“The school has a good working relationship with the Goldfield community because we have shown that we value their input,” said Holmes. “Every effort has been made to allow the community access to the gym and cafeteria…I expected, and the Dows community expected, that the same approach would be used in Dows following reorganization.”

Holmes overall objected to “selling the building so quickly and without public input.” “Start the new district off right,” he urged. “Give us time.” Holmes said that he talked to “dozens” of residents in Dows, who “by and large” were against the sale, while some acknowledged the financial challenges of keeping the building open. According to Olson, it takes $50,000 a year to purchase propane to heat the building. Holmes is most interested in the potential community uses of the gym and multi-purpose rooms. Olson said he had not heretofore heard of objections to the sale and declined to comment on other possible arrangements.

A hearing for the public to provide input on the sale is scheduled for June 30 at 7:00, at which it is expected to be the only item of business. 

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