The Mysterious Disappearance of Two Iowa Men

Amanda Rink, Editor

In the small community of Lytton, Iowa uncertainty surrounds the sudden disappearance of 54-year-old Mark Riesberg. Riesberg’s last known communication was a text message to his boss, according to Mary Brown, Mark’s sister. Also according to Mary Brown, the circumstances of her brother’s disappearance are unnerving. Brown spoke with the Wright County Monitor briefly sharing that she feels he must have gotten out of bed in the middle of the night, judging by the state of his bed. Brown assumes her brother got out of bed to help someone who came to his door. Riesberg lives along Highway 20 outside of Lytton. His wallet and phone were left behind. Mark's 2006 Gold Chrysler PT Cruiser, with license plate DWV 254, is also missing. Mary is deeply concerned by the mysterious nature of his disappearance.

Expressing frustration with the current progress of the investigation, Mary Brown stated, "I wish the police would do more.” The Wright County Monitor has reached out to Calhoun County Sheriff’s office but at the time of this publication, has not heard back. Brown shared that she felt Mark’s sudden absence is not receiving the attention required because the investigators feel as an adult, Mark has the right to leave without telling anyone his whereabouts. A flyer describes Mark as 5-foot-11, 170 pounds, with gray hair and blue eyes. He wears glasses and could be driving the missing PT Cruiser. Mark has been missing since October 28.


Less than a month after Mark Riesberg was reported missing, another man was reported missing under odd circumstances, from the same area. 

David Schultz has been missing for nearly a week, according to numerous news outlets. Schultz, a 53-year-old semi-driver, was not found with his abandoned semi-truck along Highway 20 in Sac County. Once Sarah Schultz, David’s wife, arrived at the location where his truck was found, she was left with concern. She shared with media outlets that her husband would have never left the semi truck parked the way it was left. The mysterious circumstances surrounding David Schultz's disappearance have left his family and the community anxiously awaiting any information that might shed light on his whereabouts. Initial searches by local law enforcement have not resulted in much information for either of the cases.

Anyone who has information about either case is encouraged to contact police.



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