Mosaic in Northern Iowa is making changes and plans to close day service in Clarion


Mosaic in Northern Iowa is making some changes, both in Forest City and in Wright County. These changes are to further strengthen the agency and ensure its success for the future.


We have recently decided to close two of our ICF/ ID homes in Forest City. This decision came after many of months of analysis and discussion regarding our staffing crisis in Forest City. The lowest number of open positions we have had in Forest City at one time has been approximately 50 open positions. In recent months, we have had close to 70 open positions in Forest City alone. We have attempted to recruit and attract employees many different ways, but have not seen sustained improvement in our number of open positions. Over this last year, we have had to use a high number of temporary staff to help fill the gap and the need. This is not ideal. We have all seen the quality of services impacted, due to this extreme staffing shortage.


For the full story, see the Dec. 20th edition of the Monitor.