MIDAS Discusses How City’s Hiring Decisions will Affect Transit

A street in Clarion

At their July 21 meeting, The Wright County Supervisors approved contracts with the Mid-Iowa Development Association (MIDAS) Council of Governments to continue offering public transportation. They also approved sub-contractor contracts with the Cities of Clarion and Eagle Grove amid the City of Clarion’s discussions about whether or not to hire a new driver.

Colleen Bartlett, who helps coordinate MIDAS services locally, informed the Supervisors that if the City does not hire a new driver, it will fall to Wright County to staff the position.  Wright County Transit is a sub-contractor for MIDAS’ transportation services. Under agreements as they have heretofore been practiced, MIDAS provides vehicles, Wright County Transit coordinates services, and the Cities of Eagle Grove and Clarion hire drivers for vehicles assigned to their respective towns.

The nature of the job requires a driver to be on-call during regular hours. In MIDAS’ five other counties, driver dispatch is handled centrally from Fort Dodge. However, Bartlett said Wright County has more complex needs due to its regular user base of Mosaic clients, who are served by larger vans driven by Wright County Transit employees.

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