The Meinkes’ Immigration Saga, Part 3: Together and Apart

On December 28, 2012, this wedding photo of Miriam and Anthony was posted to the Facebook group "Bring Miriam Meinke Home," which has 800 'likes' today, a year after she returned to America. It was 'shared' 93 times in support of the couple.

Anthony proposed when Miriam was waking up, because he wanted her to think she was having a dream.    

She was taking a nap on one of their regular visits to his parents’ house. Mitchell, Anthony’s brother and best man to be, was on a computer in the same room. During his wedding toast, Mitchell recalled how Anthony’s hands were shaking as he told him to leave the room, that something important was about to happen. He knew she was the one. He had the ring. But he was very nervous.

“She had her left arm lying out, and she saw me and was like – ‘are you going to propose to me’?” he recalled. “So I thought – we’re just going to do it.”

In the July 31 issue of the Monitor, read more about what brought Miriam and Anthony together, their time in Ciudad Juarez to visit the U.S. consulate, and saying goodbye indefinitely (but ultimately temporarily)!