Loux Farm named Century Farm

In 1910, Henry A. Kuhn purchased 280 acres of land southwest of Clarion at a cost of $17,500. Over 100 years later, that land is still in the family, owned by Kuhn’s grandchildren: Ken, Sharon, and Bob Loux. This year, the Loux Farm was named a Century Farm by the Iowa Department of Agriculture and the Iowa Farm Bureau Federation. Ken came all the way from Georgia to attend the ceremony.

                “I’m proud to be one of the few farms in the state to get this designation. My grandfather bought it. I know that my brother, sister and I are all really proud to still keep working it for him,” said Bob.

                Kuhn was originally born in Pennsylvania, before migrating to Iowa. 

                “We looked up his death certificate to see where he was born,” Bob said. “All it said was ‘Somewhere, Penn.’”

                Before buying land near Clarion, Kuhn had been working someone else’s land in Lincoln Township. He also had a plot of land in Webster County.

                “Back then, (280 acres) was a lot of land. He must have been doing well,” Bob said. 

Read the full article in the Sept. 19 Wright County Monitor.