Looking at i2i

Several weeks ago, the city announced it’s plans to work with i2i Clarion, Inc., a recently-formed private group, on getting a new housing development on the northeast side of town. The plan is that i2i will act as developer for the project, and will purchase the necessary land at an estimated cost of around $360,000. The city will cover the costs of improving the infrastructure for the housing development, estimated at around $2.5 million.

                i2i was formed a few months back, for the express purpose of pushing the housing development project ahead. It is currently in the process of applying for non-profit status. It’s an eight-person committee made up of Terry Utech, Robert Olson, Bud Sumners, Kirk Reir, Shelley Pohlman, John DeVries, and Dave Maxheimer, with Carol Haupt as its chairperson.

                “We selected the board from people who’ve been working on housing throughout the years,” said Haupt.

                “It’s a very diverse group. We tried to get involved with the major businesses in town, because they have the most employment,” Utech said. “We tried to get realtors involved, insurance involved, attorneys, and the school, because it takes every one of those to put a project together like this.”

Read the full article in the Nov. 7 edition of the WCM.