Iowa River Players Announce Dates for “Pride and Prejudice”

Luanne Krabbe, Director

April 17, 2024 (Wright County, Iowa) - Pride and Prejudice, provided by Iowa River Players of Rowan, will open on Friday, April 26. The show will continue on April 27, 28, and May 3, 4 & 5, for two weekends. Tickets are available online at


 Pride and Prejudice is based on a classic novel by Jane Austen, who wrote 200 years ago. The work has enjoyed many adaptations in movies and television and has become popular all over the world. It is a non-romantic, very practical story centering on two young people who initially bear a grudge against each other. Matchmaking is serious business for all of the female characters, involving manipulations and machinations by their mothers, who hold to the motto: "There is plenty of time to fall in love after the wedding."



The cast and crew include Deb Coldiron, Lance Arnold, Emily Griffion, Daniel Krabbe, Ruby Coldiron, Josh Holmes, Ash Rickey, Aiden Weaver, Deanna Holmes, Sean Luick-Brister, Megan Peterson, and Luanne Krabbe. The production staff includes; Iran Carlos Martinez, Tish Arnold & Luanne Krabbe.       


Ladies and Gentlemen of the audience are invited to wear their formalwear "to add to the ambiance of the fancy ball scenes" or dress casually "to enjoy the rambles in the English countryside."


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