Interview: Iowa House Candidate Nancy Huisinga

“It’s a new district,” said Nancy Paule Huisinga of the promise of the Iowa House’s eighth district, for which she will be the Democratic Party’s new candidate this November. She chose to run in part because she was disappointed with incumbent Henry Rayhons running unopposed in 2012, shortly after the eighth districted was redistricted to cover Wright, Hancock and southern Kossuth counties.

“The challenge is to meet as many people as I can and to make it a local race rather than a Democrat-Republican race,” she said. “I don’t know the entire district, but the southern part of the district doesn’t know [Rayhons] at all, either. The challenge is to find out what people see as the needs of the district, and the opportunity is to serve them and advocate for them.”

Huisinga outlined a campaign platform that includes raising the minimum wage, expanding access to broadband internet in rural areas, increasing school funding, expanding early childhood education programs, and maintaining a balance budget.

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