Intergenerational Interviews at the Heartland Museum Spark Valuable Learning Experiences for All Involved

Amanda Rink, Editor
Ms. Ashley Olson, 7th Grade Language Arts

Clarion, Iowa - On Wednesday, November 8th, 7th-grade students at Clarion-Goldfield-Dows Middle School had the opportunity to interview community members at the Heartland Museum in Clarion. They sought an answer to a question: What can one generation learn from another?


Students were partnered up one-on-one with a citizen of the community and explored questions such as: Do you remember what you bought with your first paycheck? Did you do chores as a child? Did you have technology growing up as a kid?


One student shared what they learned from their partner, “[To] respect other people because [you] don’t know how much [they're] going [through].”


Students were encouraged to connect short stories they read in class to the experiences they had at the museum. A 7th grader wrote, “We can make a connection to our generational unit by sharing their memories just like in 'The Giver.'"


Then, in their partner groups, they also had an opportunity to tour the museum and see some of the things they discussed with their assigned partner.

“Everything! I liked everything there. It was all old and cool - especially the hats and clothes,” one student shared enthusiastically about their favorite thing at the museum. Overall, it was a learning experience for both students and the volunteers being interviewed by students.


The CGD District sends a special thanks to all who took the time to come and help the 7th-grade students learn how one generation can learn from another. CGD hopes you enjoyed talking individually with the students and taking a walk down memory lane. You may have had an opportunity to learn from them as they have learned from you.


The willingness to help and support our Clarion-Goldfield-Dows School Community from our volunteers is commendable. Miss Olson and Mrs. Swanson extend heartfelt thanks, “We are thankful for opportunities like this in our community!”

The following volunteers participated in the third year of intergenerational interviews:

Donna Johnson

Pat O'Brien

Chris Leichsenring

Denny Bowman

Darl & Paula Abbas

Craig Warnke

Meriel Demuth

Susan Tofte

Judy Watne

Norma Keller

Jo Anne Olson

Bud Young

Mary & Al Tesdahl

Maurice Riley 

Greg & Andrea Crowl

Judy Kirstein

Cindy Riley 

Darla Tweeten


Volunteers gather under the theater sign at the Heartland Museum. (Photo: CGD)



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