Hwy. 3 Corridor Project wants to paint your home, clean your yard

Earlier this year, the Highway 3 Corridor Project was awarded 15 gallons of paint through a grant from the Keep Iowa Beautiful Foundation, to be used to paint residential houses along Hwy. 3.  So far, the Project hasn’t found many interested homeowners.

                “We had around 15 people out of 85 respond to the survey. After we followed up with them, we really only had two that were interested in accepting help,” said Shannon Walker, with the Highway 3 Corridor Project. “We are going to be using a house on Central Avenue as a model home in order to attract more people in the community to the project.”

                Hoping to increase the response rate, the Project has opened the offer up to anyone in town. If you have a residential building that you want painted in Clarion, the Project can help you get it done free of charge. The type and color of paint is left up to the individual homeowner. 

Read the full article in the Sept. 19 Wright County Monitor.