High School Seniors' Life Project Improve Community

Madison Crawford works with students at a local cross-cultural program. 

Beginning for seniors in the class of 1997-1998, all graduating Clarion-Goldfield seniors must successfully complete Senior English, which includes a LIFE PROJECT. Bobbie Tillman is the current teacher. “The class meets every other day for the entire school year,” she said, “so students receive 1/2 credit each semester for the class.” The LIFE PROJECT component requires students to each select some community project, working at least 20 hours and then reporting on what he/she has done.

Each project must be approved before students start their projects. “There is a sheet which must be filled out and approved by me before seniors begin their work,” said Tillman. “We ask students to keep a journal of their planning and work. We also ask each student to include the person who helped or inspired them as to what they chose to do.”

Among the projects:

Kaila Beavers – Dows Fun Run for Dows Corn Days; Brian Buchanan – made nine metal wood duck shelters; Michael EnTin – arranged/played trash can music; Breanna Ellis – quilt sold at Holmes Christmas Auction; Samantha Jergensen, Elizabth Lockwood, & Bethany Thompson – had community gardens, donating produce to others, Lockwood made some of her produce in jams/jellies; Brogan Avery – organized a ‘Spay Day’ for area pets; Tyler Askvig – cleaned and oiled rollerblades at the local skating rink; Brandon Zwiefel – did detail work on a semi tractor for neighbor; Jossie Sann – redid the boys/girls bathrooms at the track/football stadium; Evan Ulven – coached little league baseball practices; Rueben Medoza and Noah Teslik – organized an art show; 

There are other components of the Senior English Class. “Students are asked to write an autobiography,” said Tillman. “to look at their learning styles, identify their strengths and weaknesses, tell what they plan to do after high school. What does their future look like.” At the conclusion of their efforts, each student is required to give a several minute presentation for a handful of community members, which is videotaped by Tillman.

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