High School Friends Club making a difference for students

A group of Friends Club students show off an Easter craft. Photo submitted

Alicia Schaben, Clarion-Goldfield-Dows special education instructor, said that one thing she’s learned working with students over the years is that everybody’s different. While a special education student may have particular challenges, a student without disabilities is going to have their own challenges, too. In this way, students are more similar than they may think.

The C-G-D High School Friends Club is a group that celebrates those similarities. The club, which is in its second year, brings a group of 20-30 students together, some with disabilities, some without, for activities throughout the year. All the students have get a chance to get to know others and do activities together.

“We might have kids who are kind of shy, so this is an opportunity for them to meet people,” Schaben said.

In October, the group painted pumpkins. They held a “Friendsgiving” party in November and a Christmas party in December. In February, they held an old-fashioned school Valentine’s Day party and gave Valentines and candy in card boxes. Next week, the group will hold a special lunch hour “Prom,” which will give kids who aren’t planning to attend the big event next weekend an opportunity to dress up and have fun with their friends.


For the full story, see the April 12 edition of the Monitor.