Hennigar Air Care goes full time

Following a 13-year career in law enforcement, Mark Hennigar is now dedicating his full attention towards his plumbing and heating business, Hennigar's Air Care.

     Hennigar has served Clarion's plumbing and heating needs since 1999 when, after attending a technical school in Chicago, he returned to Iowa and worked for Johnson Plumbing and Heating. Eventually Hennigar opened his own part-time business, Hennigar's Air Care, which he ran while serving as a police officer in Kanawa.

     However, the increasing cost and time requirements needed to stay certified forced Hennigar to choose between going full-time or shutting down the business all together.

     "The state requires you to have all these licenses and they cost so much that you have to do it full-time to justify it," said Hennigar.

Read the full article in the Feb. 6 edition of the WCM.