Heavy Rains Result in Wastewater Discharge


According to David Miller, environmental specialist senior at the Department of Natural Resources’ Mason City field office, the sewage flowed into Eagle Creek from around 4:00 a.m. Monday until noon.  Miller said that discharges such as this are “not uncommon” in the spring rainy season, and that “the DNR does not expect there to be any material harm to the ecosystem.”

Original Release:

With one of its two pumps out for repair, the city of Clarion is unable to keep up with heavy rains in Wright County.

The city’s wastewater treatment system began discharging Sunday, bypassing the treatment system. The treatment plant operator estimates 1,000 gallons per minute of untreated wastewater was flowing to Eagle Creek Monday afternoon. The creek flows into the Des Moines River.

The city is continuing to discharge. The discharge will stop when the pump is repaired or when flow levels to the wastewater plant are reduced.

The DNR recommends keeping children and pets away from Eagle Creek until a day or two after the discharge ends.