Goldfield Veterinary Clinic sold

Dr. Doug Helgevold (right) hard at work taking care of his patient. Photo provided

Dr. Doug Helgevold was born and raised in the Eagle Grove area.  After graduating from Eagle Grove High School, he went on to study veterinary medicine.  In 1977, he was thrilled to be able to move back home close to family and to work with Dr. Stoaks at the Goldfield Veterinary Clinic.  After a year or two, he bought in with Dr. Stoaks to be part-owner.  In 1983, he became full owner.

In those 35 years, Dr. Helgevold has treated a lot of animals, and become friends with many of their owners.  That’s why he has decided rather than retiring completely, to instead sell his clinic to a new owner, Dr. Steve Leppert of Manson, Iowa, which was effective January 1 of this year.

Dr. Helgevold will still be treating animals at the Goldfield Veterinary Clinic, but only on Tuesdays, Wednesday, and Fridays, as well as every other Saturday.  Seeing animals on Mondays, Thursdays, and every other Saturday will be Dr. Theresa McGivern.  Dr. Leppert, for now, will continue to see animals only in his Manson clinic.


For the full story, see the February 22 edition of the Monitor.