Fireman’s Ball set for Nov. 16

The Clarion Volunteer Firefighters are planning to hold an event called the Firefighters and Friends Fireman’s Ball on Saturday, Nov. 16, at Water’s Edge at the Clarmond Country Club.

                “We haven’t had a fireman’s ball in years,” said Brian Marker, secretary for the Clarion Volunteer Fire Department. “We used to have them back in the 70’s or 60’s.”

                The ball will be a chance for area residents go meet the great group of volunteers that make up the fire department.

                The event will begin at 5:00 pm. Social time will be held until 6:30, with a meal to follow at 7:15. Clarion firefighters and their spouses will be introduced to those who attend. Retired firefighters from the area will also be introduced and recognized for their service. The fire department will review some of its past events, and discuss some of its upcoming projects. They will also touch on some of the training that the group has been involved in over the last couple of years. There will be entertainment to follow, along with a drawing for door prizes.

Read the full article in the Oct. 9 WCM.