Father-Daughter Team Opens Frozen Yogurt Shop

A chilling new use has been given to the former Red Crown gas station along Highway 3 in Clarion. The Steiner family has repurposed the building to open Soft Serve Station, which sells frozen yogurt by the dish. "We're excited," said Rob Steiner. "We're in a great location here."

Steiner bought the property ten years ago, hoping to one day restore it as a retirement project. However, as the property continued to degrade, he decided to hire the work out and get the building up to code. "When he started restoring this, we started thinking we should do something with it," said Rob's daughter, Stephanie Steiner.

Stephanie, who is studying business at Buena Vista University, will be managing the frozen yogurt shop over the summer. Giving his daughter some hands on experience with a small business was a large part of the reason Steiner decided to open the shop. While Rob has been responsible for the bulk of the start-up work, it will be Stephanie who manages the day-to-day operations once the business is up and running.

"What better way to learn how to run her own business than to give her the experience," said Rob.

Read more – including what customers are saying – in the June 19 issue of the Monitor!