Even with no school, the meals must go through

These staff members at Clarion-Goldfield Middle School help deliver meals to elderly residents on days school is out due to weather or other reasons. They fill in for the high school students in taking care of two routes and at least 24 meals per day. Pictured are, from left; Dan Smith, Jay Klaver, Steve Haberman, Monte Liechsenring and Pat O’Brien. All but Klaver are current members of the Clarion Ruritans, and do it as a service project. Klaver is a former member.

When winter weather cancels classes, Ruritans take over delivery


  The Clarion Meals on Wheels home delivery program has been in existence since 1982, giving home-bound seniors a hot and nutritious meal everyday. For several years now, students at Clarion-Goldfield High School have been taking turns assisting Clarion church members with the deliveries, and the elderly residents seem to enjoy seeing the youth and visiting briefly with them. It seems to be a win-win program for everyone involved.

  But a problem surfaced in the winter of 2010, when the weather forced cancellation of 11 days of classes. With the elderly church members also not wanting to venture out, there were simply no deliveries made. Jimmy Johnson then visited with Monte Anderson one day at the hospital, and told him about this problem of not getting the meals out to those that need and depend on the delivery service. That’s when the Ruritans became involved.

  “Monte called me and I told him I would look into it,” said Ruritan member Steve Haberman. “The Ruritans do a lot of cool things, and I felt this is a service project we could do.”

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