Eisentrager settling in as new magistrate

Eagle Grove attorney Dani Eisentrager is Wright County’s new magistrate judge. She took the position on August 1 of this year, and she says she’s settling in well so far.

                “I am enjoying it very much. It’s a learning curve, but I enjoy it,” Eisentrager said. “I’m settling in and I’m figuring it out. I think things will change as I get into it more. It’s just different learning how am I going to go about … what’s my bail going to be on certain charges? So I’m still figuring all that out. “

                Eisentrager, who’s practiced in Eagle Grove since September of 2006, said that the magistrate position appealed to her because of changes in her workload as an attorney.

                “In the last few years, my practice has changed a little bit, in that I wasn’t doing a lot of the court appointed criminal defense work,” Eisentrager said. “I didn’t have that as a big portion of it. So I thought this would kind of fill in (for) that work nicely. And the state benefits are quite nice. So that was something I was interested in. “

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