Dr. McGivern has helped area animals for years but is now finally opening her own vet business

            Veterinarian Terri McGivern is likely a familiar face in the Clarion area. She has lived here and has provided care to area animals in a few smaller capacities for years. But now she is excited to open her home to animals and their owners as she starts her home-based veterinarian practice only a short drive from Clarion.

            Though McGivern has lived in the Clarion area for years, she is not a native Clarionite. She is originally from Cedar Rapids. McGivern says she had always been an animal lover and knew that a career in vet sciences was in her future. She fulfilled that goal when she graduated from Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1997 and then started to work as a vet.  Later, McGivern says that when she missed her child’s first steps because she was at work in the Decorah area, she decided to make some career changes.  She moved to the Clarion area when her husband Jay Jackson got a teaching job at C-G-D Middle School.

For the full story, see the November 29th edition of the Monitor.