Council candidates face questions from public

Clarion Chamber and Development held a candidate’s forum Monday, Oct. 14, where city council candidates answered questions from the chamber and the community. Incumbent candidate Duane Asbe was not present for the forum, but he his views will be included in next week’s Monitor as part of our candidate questionnaire.

             The night’s first question focused on how each candidate was involved with the Clarion community, and how they get their information about the community.

             Randall Davenport, who works at local convenience store, said that working overnight shifts have kept him from participating in a lot of boards and committees. However, he says that he hears about the issues that face the community from his customer.

             “But I do hear all the coffee drinkers who come in and all the people who come in. All the concerns they have and all the questions they have,” Davenport said. “This is how I hear what’s going on.”

             Terry Hilpipre, former Clarion police officer, is a regular at city council meetings, and gets a lot of his information that way.

             “Currently, I’m on the board of adjustments for the city of Clarion. I spend time at city council meetings, and I do hear what comes in from the citizens. I’ve probably attended 80 percent of city council meetings over the last two and a half years“ Hilpipre said. 

Read the full article in the Oct. 17 edition of the WCM.