Council candidates answer questions

The 2017 regular city election is Tuesday, November 7. In Clarion, four candidates are running for three open council seats. In addition, one candidate is running for the open mayor’s seat. This week's Monitor has a full round of questions for each candidate; here are a few highlights from their answers.

Duane Asbe - mayoral candidate

What background or skill set do you have that makes you qualified to be mayor?

I have served on the city council for eight (8) years and I have a good understanding of what it takes to run city government. This past experience will be extremely beneficial in transitioning into the mayor’s position. I have been mayor pro tem for the last few years. I feel I am very open-minded to all issues that are presented.

I have been a part of Clarion for over forty (40) years and have a good feel of what it has to offer and the opportunities looking ahead to even making it better. In the past I have held a number of leadership roles within the community that will lend itself greatly in serving in the mayoral position.

Dan Hennigar - council candidate

What made you want to run for City council in the first place?

Clarion is a great community to raise a family and own a business. I want to see Clarion grow and I feel I can bring in some great ideas for that. Clarion has a lot of potential, but we need more vision to make things happen. Our community members show great support to the businesses we have in town and would support more businesses to come. We need to focus on Clarions future as we have lost a lot of businesses in Clarion, which has force people to move to other communities.  

Teresa Lancaster - council candidate

What background or skill set do you have that makes you qualified for city council?

I have been very active in the community. I currently serve on the Board of Adjustments and have previously served on several boards and organizations including Chamber & Development, Clarion Pride, Kids Korner, Spooktacular Nights. The experience within the community will be very beneficial. However, I believe the most beneficial experience I would bring to this position would be my passion for leading people and effectively communicating.  I am not opposed to asking tough questions or having difficult conversations. Great leaders set clear expectations, recognize, coach and hold themselves and others accountable. I believe these actions combined, result in progress.

Dave Maxheimer - incumbent council candidate

What are the biggest issues facing Clarion today?

Right now, my biggest concern is finding the best candidate to fill the city administrator vacancy to continue with the progress Dustin started over two years ago. Setting our sights high and not settling will be in our best interest. Housing continues to be a concern with the lack of residential and multifamily homes. New ordinances are now in place and several more will be reviewed and updated to address the concerns of the community. Citizens need to continue to share their concerns and support the ordinances to make Clarion a better place to live.

Jim Williams - council candidate

I want to make sure the choices we make aren't going to cause financial instability. We can't improve if we are too busy trying to dig ourselves out of the holes we have made. I want to ensure the groundwork and been laid for future growth of both businesses and families. I want to make sure that Clarion is a community that the residents are proud to be a part of and to take pride in.