Coach releases season best times for C-G-D cross country

The following are listed in order of first race, last race and season best times.

Seniors: Angela Castro-25:36, 24:49 and 24:49; Maya Jackson-28:18, 25:37 and 25:37; Kayleen Johnson-29:33, 27:14 and 26:28; Brenna Harklau-30:31, 27:41 and 27:37. Juniors: Jade LaRue-31:11, 27.52 and 27:40; Maya LaRue-32:34, 28:25 and 27:49; Evelyn Tevalan- 34.2, 30.57 and 29.41.

“Jade’s progress throughout the season has been huge,” said Haupt. “I can always count on her to be motivated to do her best without getting discouraged. Maya’s season ended early due to a concussion. She had already shown some of the best progress of any runner on the team. Her determination is second to none.” 

For the Cowboy team (and listed in the same order): Seniors: Hayden Klaver-19:27, 18.43 and 18.22; Alex Rosenbaum-19.3, 18.53 and 18.20; Luke Rapp-20.12, 19.34 and 18.35; Max Powers-20.01, 19.40 and 19.20; Ben Rapp-20.07, 20.44 and 18.59. Juniors: Kamren Jergenson-20.36, 20.54 and 20.36; Logan Robertson-25.26, 21.59 and 21.58. “Kamren will be the first to tell you that long distance is definitely not his favorite race, but his attitude and team-player mentality have been so crucial to contributing to our positive environment,” said Haupt. “Logan is built to run, and I always love the end of the season when he starts to show us what he’s really capable of.” 


For underclassmen times, see the November 2 edition of the Monitor.