Clarion Volunteer Fire Department Has New Rescue Tool

The Clarion Fire Department has trained for their new rescue tube, donated by North Central Cooperative. Pictured are Howie Anderson, Fire Chief Brian Marker, Steve Krueger, North Central Cooperative’s John Rohrer, Jim Flurer, and Greg Littlejohn.

The Clarion Fire Department has a new, life saving tool at their disposal, the rescue tube.

                The rescue tube is a tool used to save people that have fallen into grain bins. As most farmers know, grain bins can be an unexpectedly dangerous hazard. Somebody that has fallen into a full bin can quickly find themselves in a quicksand-like situation. Hundreds of pounds of pressure against a person's legs from the surrounding grain can make escape difficult and dangerous, which is where the rescue tube comes in.

                "If somebody is trapped inside a grain bin, we're able to put this around them in order to take the pressure of the grain off of them," says firefighter Greg Littlejohn.

Read the full article in the January 30 edition of the WCM.