Clarion Recreation Center Surpasses $3 Million in Pledges, Advancing to Next Phase of Fundraising

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April 17, 2024 (Wright County, Iowa) - The Clarion Recreation Center, a proposed 49,000 square foot facility that would offer a wide array of health and wellness options for the community, has received more than $3 million in pledges from 165 individuals and organizations. Led by the Clarion Recreation & Wellness Corporation, the fundraising campaign launched in December 2023 and has made substantial progress towards bringing this transformative project to life.   


Total estimated cost of the project is $10.2 million, encompassing land acquisition, facility construction, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and procurement of furniture and equipment. The next phase of fundraising focuses on engaging with local corporations, organizations, and the wider community, while continuing to welcome pledges from families and individuals. At this stage the project only calls for completed pledge cards, allowing community members to delay their cash contributions until later phases.


A crucial component of the funding strategy involves securing grants, many of which mandate a certain percentage of pledged funds before awarding the grant. This stipulation underscores the community's backing of the project. To accelerate the grant application process and facilitate submissions in 2024, community members are encouraged to promptly submit their pledges. 


“This is a community project, not a board member project,” said Matt Odland, chair of the fundraising committee. “The community’s support and involvement are pivotal in bringing this facility to life.”


The Clarion Recreation Center invites community members to contribute to the project through various avenues: 

  1. Pledge Completion: Complete and submit pledge cards available for download at 

  2. Fundraising Committee Participation: Join the fundraising committee and help reach out to individuals and businesses.  

  3. Social Media Engagement: Follow the Clarion Recreation Center on Facebook and share posts to amplify project awareness.  

  4. Community Feedback: Direct questions or concerns about the project to the Board at




About the Clarion Recreation and Wellness Corporation: The Clarion Recreation and Wellness Corporation is a registered 501(c)(3) organization that is committed to creating a facility and environment that provides health and wellness opportunities for all community members, enriching the lives of residents through leisure and recreational activities.



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