Clarion Discusses Nuisance Properties and Moves Forward With White Fox Development

Unkempt properties in Clarion was the subject of discussion during the regular meeting of the City Council on Monday, January 20.

     Local rental property owner Ted Brigger took the council to task over the lack of enforcement of the city ordinance, resulting in multiple nuisance properties in the town.

     "I think Clarion needs some rental housing inspectors," said Brigger. "Every problem I see we have an ordinance for, but they aren't enforced."

     The council noted that while some owners of nuisance properties have been notified and issued citations by the police, the city has not been enforcing ordnances as well as they would like. Brigger, among others, has been part of a group to address the issue in the past, but action has not been taken by the city.

Read the full article in the January 23 edition of the WCM.