Clarion City Council hears report on Firemen’s Ball

Dave Littlejohn, a Clarion volunteer firefighter, was on hand at the Clarion City Council meeting held Monday, Nov. 18 to give a report on the recent fireman’s ball.

                Littlejohn stated that the event went very well with more than 200 people in attendance and raising over $10,000.

                “The City was very well represented (at the ball),” Littlejohn said.

                “I think everybody that was there really enjoyed themselves,” said City Administrator Rochelle Pohlman.

                Littlejohn added the entire department also appreciated the certificate of proclamation from the mayor and city council.

                “We will hang that up at our next meeting,” he said.

                Money raised from the event will be used to purchase an air filter compression system that is already on the way.

                “That’s going to help us protect the public all the better.  That will help us a bunch,” Littlejohn said.

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