City of Clarion working to achieve goals

Duane Asbe, mayor, and Jordan Cook, city administrator, outside city hall. Photo by Kacey Ginn

It’s a busy time for two leaders in the city of Clarion: Mayor Duane Asbe and City Administrator Jordan Cook. Both are relatively new to their positions, but found that their transition was smooth—though there was plenty of work to dive into.

Cook is working on two key areas for future success in Clarion: housing and business development.

On the housing side, Cook said the city is close to adopting a new rental housing inspection ordinance, based on the international property maintenance code but with some changes made to be more suitable to Clarion. The trouble, though, is finding an officer to enforce codes. Cook has contacted five other communities who are willing to work together to pay for a qualified person to inspect housing. It seems like a cost-effective solution, but still needs final implementation.

Asbe highlighted the importance of involved citizens groups like Clarion Pride, who have made a difference in the community by finding funding and volunteering to paint homes, and organizing cleanup days.

“We can’t change everything overnight, but we can support that effort,” Asbe said. “I see that as one of our ongoing goals and missions.”


For more comments from Asbe and Cook on city goals for 2018, see the March 1 edition of the Monitor.