City administrator addresses concerns about water bills

A few members of the public appeared to address the Clarion City Council at their regular meeting last week, June 4th. Rick Rasmussen of Rasmussen Lawn Care noted that he was unhappy that the city sought flower pots for some flower displays around town from Menards rather than ask him first about providing the pots. Rasmussen said that he has been donating labor and supplies to beautify Clarion for years and emphasized that the city should be working with local businesses rather than go outside of town for business. The city administrator Jordan Cook explained that he had okayed the purchase but will in the future check with Rasmussen’s business first.

Additionally, Willie Lancaster, owner of Timbukbru, appeared to express that he was disappointed with the police department’s presence at a recent fundraiser that the brewery held to help purchase body cams for the department. He emphasized that only a couple of officers showed up for the event. (The brewery ultimately raised around $3,000 for the cameras.) Finally, Roger Abbott thanked the city for recent efforts mowing overgrown properties. He also brought to their attention a few more ordinance violations and noted his concern about county trucks tearing up roads around town and suggested a truck route be considered.

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