CGHS students receive MacBooks

Clarion-Goldfield High School has become one of a growing number of schools across the nation to provide personal computers to every member of its student body. On Nov. 11, Clarion-Goldfield held its computer rollout, where students received their new eleven-inch MacBook Airs.

                “I’m really excited about this,” said principal Dennis March. “ I think the teachers are excited about it, and I think the kids are excited about it, too.”

                The computer rollout will mean a lot of changes for both students and teachers, but March says that the school’s goals will remain the same even as it adapts its methods. 

                “We’re not changing the learning. Our goals are the same. It’s how do we help them get there, and are we taking full advantage of the tools out there,” March said. “There’s a reason why you’re given a tool. You’re never given a tool just so you can have a tool. It’s to help you do a better job, it’s to help you reach your goals. “

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